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Sebastian Vettel was very satisfied with the first changes made by Ferrari on the SF1000, in spite of times which did not make a wave. It should however be noted that the quadruple World Champion saw his best time canceled in EL2 following the non-compliance with the limits of the track, but for the Italian team, the main thing was elsewhere and it is not the sheet of times which reflects the progress hoped for. Charles Leclerc was the faster of the two men in EL2 with a modest ninth lap, while the Monegasque currently seems the least satisfied with the innovations brought to the single-seater.

"We brought new aero parts to test them", recalls Mattia Binotto, director of Scuderia. "We focused on ourselves and on these parts, we focused the program on checking the aero, we did not really carry out a usual Friday program. For example, we stayed on medium tires rather than going straight into tender because we were looking for consistency for comparative tests. The lap times were not important to us, it was more important to analyze the data, to understand if the parts were working as expected and if we were going to the front in performance. "

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Over the laps, Ferrari was able to turn its attention to adjusting the settings on the SF1000, which confirmed the feeling that the modified behavior of the car suited Vettel more than Leclerc immediately.

"Our set-up was not perfect, I imagine because it was warmer than last week, and also because we have to understand the new parts, the way we have to adapt the settings", insists Binotto. "We have to work on the set-up for the rest of the weekend and optimize the balance and performance of the car."

"The conditions were different because it was warmer. Sebastian was not comfortable in the last race, he said that the car was somehow uncontrollable. Today [Friday] he was much more at home. comfortable, he had good feelings with the car, with the rear braking. A direct comparison is difficult for him but he was certainly more comfortable. On the other hand, I think Charles was not very satisfied with the balance of the car and the set-up. We worked on the aero comparisons so we could not improve much the balance and the set-up. It is therefore a mixed feeling because of its but we could have made progress, but we haven't. "

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