Ferrari confirms that Sebastian Vettel and Charles Leclerc both had the latest developments on the SF1000 last weekend at the Portuguese Grand Prix.

At Portimao, Ferrari introduced a few new features on the SF1000 – including a new diffuser and a new flat bottom – which allowed Charles Leclerc to be competitive and take fourth place at the finish of the event.

For his teammate Sebastian Vettel on the other hand, the weekend went much less well, as the quadruple world champion barely managed to secure the only point of tenth place on the finish line and did not not hesitated to insinuate on Sunday evening that he did not have the same car as Leclerc.

His boss Mattia Binotto quickly replied via media that he had exactly the same car as his team-mate in Portimao, while the director of strategy in turn confirmed that the two SF1000s were identical in Portugal.

“In Portimao, we have completed a development program that started in Sochi. In particular, in Portugal, we introduced a new flat bottom and a new diffuser, which we had already wanted to test at the Nürbugring but which we were unable to do because of the rain. " explains Iñaki Rueda, strategy director at Ferrari.

"In addition, we have experimented with a configuration of the end of the flat bottom to reproduce the load conditions that we will have in 2021 after recent changes in technical regulations and also some solutions which should allow us to improve the heating of tires, an area on which we have suffered this year especially with the low temperatures that we are encountering in this strange 2020 season. ”

“I would say the response has been positive, so much so that the updates have been installed on both cars. "

“Now we have to confirm how much of what we saw in Portimao also this weekend in Imola in another unusual weekend, given that it is structured over two days. "

“Not that it hasn't happened before – due to weather conditions that canceled sessions or postponed until the next day – but it will always be a different experience. Who knows if this isn't one more opportunity to do well. "