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Speaking from the big boss of Ferrari is sometimes just a communication exercise agreed within the framework of the Italian Grand Prix. This year it was not, both in form and in substance. Louis Camilleri has indeed chosen the New York Times to speak about the serious technical and managerial crisis that the Scuderia is going through, in an interview. The Italian leader has decided to give more time to the men who work in Maranello and he explained why. Before confirming the name of the two series in competitions to diversify the activities of the Prancing Horse.

Since this winter, the hot, burning subject is the governance of the team and the technical fiasco embodied by one man, Mattia Binotto. The team has been put on the right regulatory path by the International Automobile Federation regarding its engine and the SF1000 remains unable to keep up with the Mercedes' progression to ever higher heights.

Italian Grand Prix

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These Italian media "sometimes quite brutal"

"I have complete confidence in Mattia Binotto and her team, decided Louis Camilleri. The results aren't there to prove what I'm saying, but these things take time. It's unfortunate, in the past there was too much pressure and a story of people who were let go. The atmosphere was at the turn over and I am trying to put an end to it. " Reading between the lines, we can think of the dismissal of technical director James Allison, in July 2016, three years after his arrival (or more exactly his return) to Reparto Corse. "Firing Allison was a mistake", Luca di Montezemolo was also carried away, about the British technician main architect of Mercedes success since 2017.

Ferrari trapped by the limited possibilities of evolution of the design of single-seater in 2021 while awaiting the return of single-seaters with ground effect in 2022, Louis Camilleri assured that he would be the guarantor of a stability that has been lacking in the Reds these years, the best example in this regard is being the golden period of the Todt-Schumacher-Brawn-Byrne years. "I want to ensure that stability is in place, despite the incredible pressure the team is under, especially from the Italian media, which are sometimes quite brutal, which call for cutting heads but this is not the solution . "

Last June, Mattia Binotto set up a new organization described as simpler, more direct, and Louis Camilleri believes that the only way to give it a chance is to give it time. "I put in place a longer term strategy, especially in terms of investments, he hammered. Getting people to work more as a team takes a bit of time. You don't change cultures overnight. " Which makes him say that "the situation cannot improve in 2021".

Ferrari still considering Indycar entry - Ferrari still considering Indycar entry -

WEC or Indy but not Formula E

If Mattia Binotto this week promised a brand new engine in 2021 – which calls for reservations because developments in this area are quite limited, Louis Camilleri thinks that salvation will come from the overhaul of the regulations in 2022. "The new regulations are coming, and every time there has been a huge revolution in terms of the technical framework, the hierarchy can change", he warned. Unfortunately, the last corner taken by Formula 1 in 2017 (larger single-seater and tires, reduced aerodynamic downforce) just served Ferrari to turn the page of a year without a win, without really succeeding in reaching the level of Mercedes. In 2014, a year marked by the turbo-hybrid revolution, it had not won a race, and in 2009 it had not seen the dual diffuser coming.

Ferrari forced to submit like all teams to a budget ceiling finally revised downwards in 2021 (from 145 to 135 million dollars), Louis Camilleri agrees to move resources to another discipline as soon as possible. Last May, Mattia had already talked about the World Endurance Championship (WEC) and the IndyCar, two series still under review in Maranello. "For Indy, it depends somewhat on the flexibility of the future regulations", said Luis Camilleri, for whom Formula E is not a track. The WEC would already potentially represent a departure from its principle of completely building its car (chassis and engine), and Formula E is even more restrictive from this point of view.

Italian Grand Prix

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Italian Grand Prix

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