The era of Enzo Ferrari then that of his brilliant successor – Luca di Montezemolo – marked by their iron fist but also their intuitions is well and truly over, now marketing is invited to Maranello. For the first time Ferrari is chasing new customers: those who dream of the pleasure of driving and the exceptional performance of a Ferrari, but who are repelled by the aspect " flashy »Productions of the Prancing Horse and finally go to Porsche or Bentley.

Hence the idea at Ferrari to design a GT on the outside which hides, under its dress, a supercar! And suddenly to completely break the usual codes of the Italian brand to seduce this new audience. So, if, like all 2 + 2 houses, the engine is at the front, there is no V12 this time, but the 3.8l biturbo V8 from the Portofino increased to 620 hp … A great cavalry!

Ferrari Roma, the GT that plays it supercar ! – TURBO test of 10/18/2020

Not all Ferrari roads lead to Roma

But it is its exterior design that stands out the most! To begin with, at the end of this interminable hood, by these very particular headlights which give it such a disturbing look. They stand out so much from other Ferraris that many observers find them an air of Aston Martin … I can't fault them. The more so as the grille that they emphasize has also broken with the traditional grille in " french fries cutter »For a high-tech canvas that gives it a little air of an electric car. The appreciation of the look of a car is always subjective so I won't comment, but it may well appeal to the " millennial ”Which has just sold its second startup to Palo Alto and joined the circle of young millionaires … Typically the target clientele.

For me the most disturbing is at the rear with the abandonment of the iconic round lights which made a " Féfé "If identifiableeven at night. However, I must admit that these ultra designer lights are not lacking in class, straight out of a science fiction film. And that's a bit like the stylistic cocktail that gives Roma its identity, very sensual but classic lines that blend with daring breaks.

Ferrari Roma test drive a Ferrari unlike any other - Ferrari Roma test drive, a Ferrari unlike any other -

Good to know: anticipate the purchase and resale.

It is possible to know the resale or trade-in value of your vehicle thanks to the auto Turbo rating of your Ferrari Roma, the alternative to the Argus rating.

Sit down, it's leather …

Inside we find this unique combination. On the one hand, a certainly luxurious upholstery, but a bit old-fashioned vintage 90s Poltrone Sofa sofa, and on the other a battery of screens for the instrument cluster (fully digital), a very large central tablet that combines the main functions of the car (including air conditioning), and a last small LCD – all in length – so that the passenger can also have access to certain controls and certain information. Here we are in our time and even a little in the future. Even more with the small touchpad on the steering wheel to navigate on these screens as on his smartphone. It is almost unusable, especially when driving, but it has its effect!

The little more detail, very subtle, is the control of the gearbox. The latter being semi-auto, no more lever on the central tunnel but three small levers whose base resumes the design of the cult aluminum gear lever grille when Ferraris were still manual. I love.

And let's talk about this box " F1 ". Proof of the Italian brand's ambitions for Roma is the all-new generation directly derived from the SF90 – Ferrari's current technological flagship – with its eight gears. She is even faster than the previous ones yet already considered to be the best on road cars. And that is confirmed once behind the wheel. You barely have time to operate the paddles when the upper or lower gear is engaged. It comes to having fun at very low revs in sixth to go down at lightning speed four gears to put it to the test. And there it is fascinating, four almost simultaneous pressures and the tachometer needle begins to vibrate like that of an oscilloscope on a magnitude 7 earthquake. The engine immediately climbs into the revs, and pressure on the accelerator barely the last action on the pallet completed, that the traction is immediate. Almost no downtime. Do not try on a manual gearbox, it is impossible in such a short period of time, we have definitely moved into a new era.

Ferrari Roma test drive a Ferrari unlike any other - Ferrari Roma test drive, a Ferrari unlike any other -

The Valkyrie Ride

And it is all the more sensitive that such an efficient gearbox was needed for such a crazy engine. Elected several years " Best engine of the World »(Best engine in the world in French), The twin-turbo V8 leaves none of its 620 horsepower behind. If you run over the accelerator, hang in there, it's brutal! My God, it grows! The figures speak for themselves: 3.4 s from 0 to 100 km / h, 320 km / h top speed … For a GT it's tough! Even more than the lap times, it is the violence of the turbos that multiply the sensations. Our brain even has trouble making the connection between the comfortable 2 + 2 in which we are sitting and the apocalypse of accelerations that we feel. Worse, just pass the " manettino ", The famous little joystick on the steering wheel which allows you to select the driving modes on a Ferrari (directly from that of the Formula 1 of the Scuderia), on" Race ”(The race mode usually reserved for ultra sporty models of the manufacturer) so that we admit that the starting point of a supercar radical with the allure of a quiet GT was perfectly succeeded by Maranello. But suddenly, at the same time Beauty and the Beast, Roma is more complicated than it seems.

So Ferrari warned us during the briefing before the start that the winding roads of Piedmont where our test was taking place were particularly slippery that day, and invited us to stay – at least in the morning – in "mode". Wet "(" Rain / snow "mode) to calm your ardor. And indeed, from the first turns, Roma turned into a dancer regardless of the entry speed, the timing and the amount of the go-around. If my other colleagues easily accepted this explanation (it is true that the coating was quite special with a lot of dust in particular) I find for my part that the Roma cocktail is nevertheless quite explosive and you will have to remain humble and vigilant behind the wheel in any circumstance. 620 hp, one engine at the front, and a very low weight (1472 kg for a modern GT that's a feat) might have deserved 4-wheel drive … Less chivalrous but probably more suited to this new clientele .

Price of this atypical vessel? € 198,205 and it is surprisingly fairly well equipped as standard compared to a Porsche for example.

Ferrari Roma test drive a Ferrari unlike any other - Ferrari Roma test drive, a Ferrari unlike any other -

Technical characteristics of the Ferrari Roma

Technical sheet Ferrari Roma
Model tested: Ferrari Roma
Dimensions L x W x H 4.656 / 1.974 / 1.391 m
Emppatement 2,670 m
Minimum trunk volume 212 liters
Unloaded weight 1.472 kg
Engine displacement V8 biturbo – 3.855 cm3
Engine power 620 hp at 5,750 rpm
Couple 760 Nm at 3,000 rpm
0 to 100 km / h 3.4 s
Max speed 320 km / h
CO2 rate 241 g / km