Ferrari regrets "stupid" and unfair rumors about its engine – UK

A number of rival Ferrari teams are seeking clarification from the FIA ​​on the legality of the techniques that would underpin Maranello's superior performance in terms of performance. The Italian team assured that it would welcome any complaint in order to be able to avoid any doubt and to blame its critics. "I would be happy because then we could show how stupid [the rumors] are, and put an end to them", had dropped Mattia Binotto, on the grid of the GP of Mexico, for

Later, still exclusively for, he added : "First of all, all F1 teams are working very hard to create competitive advantages.We have worked very hard to improve our power unit package which was not the best when the rules came into effect in 2014. If we are in front right now, we should just be proud of it. "

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"We have to be clear, it's a shame to read what you read on the internet or in magazines, other competitors in the past have had an advantage and no one has questioned that. we have a power unit disadvantage, the only thing we are doing is trying to fix that and improve our engine, it would be far better not to read or hear some of the comments. "

No claims have yet been filed on the Ferrari engine, although the teams are in doubt about how to proceed and ensure they have not received a response from the FIA ​​on the subject. Binotto explains that Ferrari is "so relaxed [that he] laughs" whether it would be better for the FIA ​​to act on its own to dispel doubts. "It's more of a problem for others than for us", even added the Italian-Swiss technician.

"The FIA ​​always and continuously looks at telemetry data, always looks at compliance with the rules of all power units, and makes constant inspections every year and at every race.I have no clear evidence of protests or to indicate anything special to the FIA ​​We have an advantage [in this area], maybe not as big as people might think, but it's only due to hard work and we We are very proud. "

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For several competitors, the advantage of Ferrari in top speed on some circuits can be eight or nine tenths in qualifying. However, Binotto insists on the fact that the team's aero philosophy, with a weak trail, also plays on this performance. "We're not the ones with the most support, so that's why we're not so fast cornering, if you have less support, you have less drag, that's obvious. combining our car and having less support and less drag gives us an advantage in straight lines, in addition to an engine advantage. "

Nevertheless, Ferrari has reduced its cornering deficit and has the car that has signed the last six poles in Formula 1. Binotto claims that the SF90 "did not progress as much on the engine as on the car" because "since the beginning of the season, a lot of support has been added to the car".

"It's a balance where you choose your work areas, as we have a straight-line advantage, we never blame others for being so fast in the turns, so they would be very quick because there's a trick "I do not think so, because we do not have a trick in straight lines, it's just the way you manage and draw your car, and how you use it."

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