Ferrari ready to consider engine supply for Red Bull –

While Mercedes has made it clear to Red Bull that they will not be supplying them with any engines from 2022, the Ferrari team seems a little more open to the concept.

Recall that Honda made the decision to leave Formula 1 at the end of the 2021 season, which will leave Red Bull and its sister team AlphaTauri without an engine from 2022.

The Milton Keynes team must therefore look for a new engine manufacturer, but this Friday Toto Wolff, the director of Mercedes, made it clear to Christian Horner that Mercedes could not supply him with an engine from 2022.

Ferrari manager Mattia Binotto said no decision has yet been made.

“We’re not considering it, but it’s something we need to start considering now. " Binotto said.

"I think we didn't decide at first, I think it will be up to Red Bull to come to us and ask for a supply, they're a great team, without a doubt. "

“I think providing them with an engine will take a lot of energy in a way. This is something we don't have a position on yet. "

“We definitely need to take our time to think and make a decision. "

“It was sudden news from Honda and I think we now have to consider something that was not contemplated a few days ago. "

Remember that according to the rules, the manufacturer Renault would be obliged to supply an engine to Red Bull if the Milton Keynes team does not find an engine manufacturer.

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