Ferrari must start courting Andy Cowell –

Andy Cowell will be leaving Mercedes F1 at the end of the season and his succession has been secured and in place for almost a year now.

For those who know all the secrets of the best engine in Formula 1, there is no doubt that proposals from other engine manufacturers will inevitably flow. Although the Briton has so far refused to consider joining any other team, he hasn't ruled him out entirely.

And the Italian media see this as an opportunity for Ferrari to make him an offer that he could not refuse, as the Scuderia V6 needs to be upgraded quickly.

It is recalled that Cowell was on the verge of signing with Ferrari for 2013, before being promoted to Mercedes. His state of mind changed after the departure of Stefano Domenicali as Daniele Sparisci from Corriere dello Sport recalls.

"Now he's free again and it is very likely that he will be courted again, although in this hyper-complex world of F1, one name can't tell the difference."

"Ferrari, however, needs new methods, new ideas, more advanced tools to get back to the top. It's a long way to get out of the current hell."

"It is necessary for Ferrari to create the conditions so that, in these turbulent years of purges and restructuring, the best engineers, especially foreigners, no longer necessarily say no to Ferrari."

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