Ferrari invites teams to file a complaint against its engine –

Mattia Binotto, the manager of the Ferrari team in Formula 1, invited teams to file a complaint against his engine.

In Mexico, there was some speculation before the race about a claim to the FIA ​​after the race, in case of good results from Ferrari. Complaint postponed pending a victory?

The Italian remains straight in his boots and wants teams that have doubts about his V6 now go through the stage of the official claim to sweep all the rumors about the illegality of parts of the Italian V6.

Among these teams, there could be Mercedes but Red Bull seems the most suspicious.

"We are talking about an advantage of more than 50 horses in a straight line," explains Horner.

"These are things we only saw at the very beginning of the hybrid era, with Mercedes, how do we find such gains from year to year after 6 years of regulatory stability?"

"The question is clearly asked Bravo Ferrari if they found a legal tip but doubt is installed in the paddock."

Horner suggests that a detailed inspection of the Ferrari V6 – out of circuit – by the FIA ​​would "lift this doubt" since the marshals found nothing wrong with the track, with the records of the many control sensors.

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