Ferrari has already considered and then abandoned the idea of ​​a DAS system –

Beyond the performances, which are always difficult to decipher during winter tests, the main subject so far has been the DAS. Mercedes' dual-axis steering system, which allows the driver on the track to change the toe-in of the front wheels by moving the steering wheel forward or backward, has raised a number of questions and aroused admiration from stakeholders and observers. While its legality for 2020 is presumed (due to the positive feedback from the FIA ​​on this subject) but not recorded (because whatever happens a decision by the Grand Prix commissaires), it is now already clear from the 2021 regulation that such a solution will not be allowed next year.

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Asked at a press conference on Wednesday, on the sidelines of the resumption of winter testing in Barcelona, ​​Mattia Binotto, director of Scuderia Ferrari, says that his team has previously studied a system similar to DAS but had abandoned the idea to set it up: "The DAS system is something we have considered in the past, but we had not designed and developed it. The reason is the question of legality, which we had not clarified with the FIA ​​at 'time."

"(But), secondly, because we believe it's not worth it, at least for our car and our concepts", Binotto continued, while the gains that such a device can bring remain to be discovered. "We are watching what others are doing. For now, this is really a question mark. I'm not sure we will develop it."

On the question of legality, and while some have questioned the vision of considering the DAS as being in accordance with technical regulations, the technician does not wish to deliver his opinion. "I think it's hard for us to judge. At the exact system level, I'm pretty sure the FIA ​​will make its own judgment."

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