Racing Point has put a little coin back into the "Ferrari power unit legality controversy" after the last Eifel Grand Prix. At the Nürburgring, the red cars were indeed quite fast on one lap – as evidenced by Charles Leclerc's 4th place in qualifying. But in the race, the Monegasque had finally lost a large part of his pace. A similar situation had already occurred at Mugello.

Andrew Green, the technical director of another legally challenged single-seater (Racing Point), wondered about the unusual speed of Ferrari on Saturday …

“There is definitely something to consider in the way the other teams seem to be able to find a good pace, in qualifying, a pace that we don't seem to have.

“A good example of this is Ferrari. I don't know where they get their rhythm from on Saturday afternoon. But on Sunday they are a good half a second behind us, which is very strange. "

“It’s something we really watch and I think it’s true. Either way, Saturday afternoon will always be a lot closer, just because of the way things are. But it seems that we can improve in the race. "

Anxious not to add more, Green put forward an explanation other than the power unit: the behavior of the Pirelli and putting them in the correct operating window.

“It's just the way you use the tires. I think that's where we focus, get the most out of our tires on Sunday afternoon, and don't abuse one side or the other of the car just to get a good balance for a Saturday afternoon. "

"If that balance is not good on Saturday afternoon, we are not going to seek it out or risk ruining our Sunday afternoon. "

“I'm sure other teams will do the same, but there seems to be a little more than that. Something else is missing on a Sunday afternoon, that's something we'll be looking at. "

This " something else " Perhaps Mattia Binotto will react, or at least wake up bad memories from last year.