Several cars in one, that's the promise of the F8 Spider, Ferrari's latest mid-rear V8 convertible. A sportswoman with a strong character as the Italian manufacturer knows how to design them; a discoverable to dawdle hair in the wind; a berlinetta for long getaways. Responsible for succeeding the 488 Spider, the new opus continues a tradition inaugurated by the 308 GTS in 1977. This will not fail to fascinate: in more than forty years, engine manufacturers have managed to almost triple the power of the V8. From 255 hp with an atmospheric block, the power now peaks at 720 hp thanks in particular to the reinforcement of two turbos.


Since the 458 Italia of 2011, the hardtop replaces the canvas top. It always swivels to slip, in 14 seconds, under the bonnet, up to 45 km / h. With or without a roof, the F8 retains a harmonious silhouette. Little attention: sheltered cockpit, the rear window lowers to take advantage of a trickle of air and hear the vocalizations of the V8 – which would have deserved a more pleasant tone. Because, for the rest, this engine is a treat. Its output is still improving to reach 185 hp / liter and the response time of the turbos has been almost wiped out. The F8 Spider gained 50 horsepower while losing 20 kilograms thanks to carbon elements. Harnessing his outstanding performance has become almost child's play. Electronics keep an eye out and keep a safety net.


This thoroughbred has an immense repertoire. It can break lap records on a closed course and, in an instant, you speed around the senator's pace along the shoreline unnoticed by the muffled sound of the low-speed V8. Its comfortable torque allows it to go smoothly at 1,500 rpm in sixth (47 km / h). The only constraint: lack of ample storage space, this spider requires you to travel light.

Technical sheet

Engine: V8 twin-turbo, 3,902 cc3, 720 hp, 770 Nm

Transmission: Propulsion, automatic gearbox. F1 dual clutch 7 speed

Dimensions: L. 4.61, l. 1.97, h. 1.20 m

Consumption: 12.2 l / 100 km

CO emissions2: 277 g / km

Speed: 340 km / h

Price € 258,268