Ferrari ex-boss can't lead F1, says Ferrari

In the minds of the leaders of Ferrari, it would be inconceivable to entrust the head of Formula 1 to a person having occupied a major role within a team before. The development is signed Louis Camilleri, CEO of the Italian manufacturer, while the name of Toto Wolff has circulated several times in recent months to succeed Chase Carey. The latter has been President of F1 since the arrival of Liberty Media in early 2017, but he is not excluded from seeing him leave office at the end of the 2020 season. "I think anyone who takes responsibility for F1 by actually being an important and active player on a team in recent years would automatically create conflicts of interest, whether perceived or not", says Louis Camilleri.

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The Italian leader also considers that Chase Carey has achieved so far "good job", at a time when Formula 1 is welcoming two new Grands Prix to its calendar (Vietnam and the Netherlands), despite the difficulties in rapidly increasing sponsorship income.

"He came from a world where there is really spectacle", recalls Louis Camilleri. "He had no experience in Formula 1. I think it is necessary to have a CEO who has experience mainly in the entertainment field, because it is a company open to the public. account it will be Greg Maffei (president of Liberty) who will decide who will eventually be Chase's successor if this happens, but in my opinion, if Mattia (Binotto) was the candidate to replace Chase Carey, I think the rest of the paddock n 'would not be very happy about it.

The weight of Ferrari in Formula 1 is historically important, but it is also through its ability to influence major decisions since the Scuderia has a veto, which it will retain in the context of future Concorde Agreements. However, it is generally intended for debates more related to regulations, and its use in the specific case of the direction of F1 does not seem envisaged.

"The veto is in a way a tool of last resort", specifies Louis Camilleri. "If we were to be faced with this (the appointment of Toto Wolff), I think we would make our position very clear to the people of Liberty, especially Greg, and I think we would have a constructive discussion."

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