Ferrari CEO says capped budgets will avoid 'slow death' in F1 –

If the 2021 regulation has been validated, an important aspect has however been postponed: the renegotiation of the Concorde Agreements, which notably include the thorny issue of income redistribution.

One team in particular is in the sights of Liberty Media: Ferrari. The historical bonuses enjoyed by Maranello could be called into question to ensure more fairness in the sport. Ferrari's veto, for any major rule change, could also be removed.

Asked about the discussions underway at the end-of-year luncheon with journalists, Louis Camilleri, the CEO of Ferrari, was quite cheerful and positive, without saying too much about the precise progress of the subjects.

“On governance, there has been significant progress. We at Ferrari have taken on a leadership role because of our history and the importance of F1 to Ferrari. "

"I'm pretty confident that an agreement will be reached soon, which will be in everyone's interest. "

"My experience, on other subjects, on other businesses, tells me that when you have competitors, then it is always difficult to fulfill everyone's intentions. But ultimately, people will see the benefits when you look at the bigger picture. "

Does Louis Camilleri trust Mattia Binotto to lead the discussions or does he not delegate them?

“Mattia in particular has played a leadership role with the FIA ​​and the other teams. "

"So I think we are quite happy with the progress on this plan. "

If we go back a few months, it must be remembered that it was Ferrari that dragged its feet the most for the 2021 regulation to be validated. La Scuderia was particularly concerned that the aerodynamic regulations were too tight, and did not want too low a budget ceiling.

However, by a curious reversal of the situation, Louis Camilleri now ensures that Ferrari would like capped budgets to be stricter in the future, for the good of F1 …

"We have reached a good compromise, relatively speaking, on the capped budgets, which today concern the chassis. "

"We have been in their favor, because we think it is good for the economic sustainability of F1. Over time, capped budgets should cover more aspects of the car, such as the power unit, the drivers as well, and a variety of other things. "

"Because as a last resort, if the sport is not economically viable, it will slowly die. So we felt it was our responsibility to make sure it was economically viable. "

"And in doing so, I must say that we, like others, have made some sacrifices, so that the smaller teams have more money. "

"We're not there yet, on a lot of details, but on the principles, we basically agree. When you have 10 teams with all different points of view, there will always be an ongoing discussion. "

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