Ferrari can still veto the 2021 rules –

The rules of the Formula 1 of 2021 were published yesterday and all the teams … or almost welcomed this progress.

The Scuderia Ferrari has indeed remained quiet, relaying any information or photos broadcast by the FOM on new cars.

Although Mattia Binotto has officially supported a change of rules for 2021, it is not certain to date that Ferrari is fully satisfied. Moreover, Ferrari's right of veto can only be exercised once the rules are published, which is now done.

In the paddock of Austin, we admit that on the side of the FOM as the FIA, we tremble a little … As for Ferrari, a spokesman ended up giving the official position of the Scuderia.

"What has been voted is a good starting point, we will work together to improve that."

For Ferrari, the challenge is especially the meeting of November 5, which concerns the new agreements Concorde. They will define the revenues, the bonuses and the distribution between the teams. Ferrari has valuable bonuses to which it is attached but they will certainly be revised downwards, which would be justified by the introduction of capped budgets.

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