Ferrari also drops appeal, Racing Point case closed –

The renouncements of Renault F1 and Racing Point in recent weeks had paved the way for a total abandonment of the proceedings and a de facto resolution of the case. It only remained to wait for the decision of Scuderia Ferrari, the last structure involved in the appeal, which had already opened the door to a withdrawal this week.

She fell this Sunday evening, on the sly after the crazy race (or disastrous if it is the Maranello clan) experienced at the Italian Grand Prix: Ferrari is also withdrawing. "Scuderia Ferrari Mission Winnow announces that it has notified the International Court of Appeal of its decision to withdraw (its) appeal", can we read in the short press release of the team.

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“In recent weeks, the collaboration between the FIA, Formula 1 and the teams has produced a series of actions – amendments to the 2021 Technical and Sporting Regulations, approved by the F1 Commission and the FIA ​​World Motor Sport Council, and Technical Guidelines – which clarify the responsibilities of each of the championship participants in the design of parts for a single-seater and introduce specific monitoring procedures to ensure that the letter and spirit of the regulations are fully observed. "

"Scuderia Ferrari expresses its appreciation for the speed with which the FIA ​​and Formula 1 have effectively tackled a fundamental aspect of the DNA of this highly competitive sport."

In the absence of appellants, the procedure on the rear brake scoops of the Racing Point RP20, whose design the commissioners considered too close to that of the scoops of the 2019 Mercedes W10, therefore ended at the stage of the decision rendered in Silverstone. The team with the pink cars will therefore suffer 15 withdrawal points in the constructors' standings and a 400,000 euros fine (as well as reprimands for each additional use), which itself announced its withdrawal before the race. from Monza.

This withdrawal is the sign that Ferrari has undoubtedly obtained sufficient guarantees on the 2021 regulations, as much on the case in question as on elements which it displeased (which was the case of the "free" evolutions which could benefit Racing Point and AlphaTauri next year), so as not to embark on a long and risky procedure in terms of image, when the Concorde Agreements have just been ratified.

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