A 1980 BMW M1 belonging to American actor Paul Walker, who died in a road accident in 2013, was recently auctioned off for a whopping US $ 500,000.

Over seven years ago, on November 30, 2013, the world was horrified to learn death of Paul Walker in a car accident, when he and his friend Roger Rodas perished in the flames of their Porsche Carrera GT after hitting a lamppost on a road in California. Walker, a passenger, had just celebrated his 40th birthday.

Big fan of racing cars, the American actor, made world famous for his role as cop / robber Brian O’Conner in the franchise Fast & Furious, has owned several. Among them is this splendid BMW M1 from an exclusive series of 10 units.

A fully personalized BMW

Listed on the site bridle, the model was modified in the early 1980s by BMW dealer AHG. He boosted his six-cylinder M88 3453 cc 350 horsepower (against 277 for classic models, produced in less than 500 copies) and added a ‘Procar’ body kit with a livery BMW Motorsport. The wheels are of the three-piece BBS type, the exhaust is customized and full leather seat upholstery has been fitted in the cockpit.

Barely 7,000 km traveled

Factory equipment includes a ZF five-speed manual transmission, a limited slip differential, adjustable suspension, air conditioning and power windows. After being imported to the United States, the car resided in a collection in Georgia until 1995 and then was purchased in 2011 by a Texan collector.

The BMW then joined the collection AE Performance held at the time by Paul Walker and Roger Rodas in Valence (California) before being acquired in 2014 by its current owner. Bringatrailer specifies that she did not exceed the 7000 km.

A mythical machine

The BMW M1 is a face well known in the history of the automobile and competition. It was originally developed by BMW as a homologation model for FIA Group 5 sports car events. Road and race variants were produced for a total of surroundings 450 copies between 1978 and 1981. The M1 notably allowed the creation of the ephemeral “BMW Procar” championship which evolved as a curtain raiser for the F1 Grands Prix in 1979 and 80. It also had several appearances. in Le Mans and Daytona, as well as in rally (Group B).

Source: bringatrailer

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