Family trips by car and motorhome make us happier

Traveling as a family is one of the experiences that we most recommend enjoying as a family, even when our children are young. We have different ways and opportunities to do it, such as plane, car and train, among others.

But according to a recent survey, having family trips by car and camper makes us happier. We share the results with you.

Conducted by Outdoorsy, a company specializing in motorhome rental, the survey in which more than 1,400 Americans participated showed which are the benefits of road travel for families, either using car or motorhome.

375 142 - Family trips by car and motorhome make us happier

According to your results, spending time outdoors and outdoors makes them happier: 94% of those surveyed reported feeling better mentally and the same number said their children were happier.

Also, traveling by car or motorhome is the preferred way for parentsSince 65% of those who had children consider driving and going all in the car much easier than taking a plane.

Regarding the effects on your parent-child relationship, 93% reported feeling more attached to their children during road trips, and 75% mentioned that children were more polite and friendly when they went on vacation.

Although we already knew that traveling is beneficial for children, doing it by car or motorhome seems to help improve the mental and emotional health of families, both from parents and children, and therefore strengthen their relationships and make them happier.

375 142 - Family trips by car and motorhome make us happier

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