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Do you want to buy Nike Vapormax Flyknit shoes but are not sure that they are real original Nike creations? Are you afraid that these are just pale copies created by counterfeiters? In your place, me either I will not like to swing my money through the window for junk.

You may have doubts because shoes are much cheaper than expected or simply because you have discovered small defects.

In this article I will give you 2 verification steps to recognize fake Nike Vapormax.

Look closely at the packaging box

The Nike Vapormax fake packaging boxes are initially smaller than the actual packaging boxes of the official Nike products.

The top of the box that contains the Nike Vapormax fake is irregular while that of the real box is perfectly smooth.

Also, one can find on the real packaging boxes of the official product Nike Vapormax, a black tag at the bottom of the box with the inscription: Nike Air while he does not exist on the box of fake Nike.

Finally, if the shoes do not even have packaging boxes, they are probably wrong.

Look at the shoes.

Look first under the heel of the shoe. If it's a real Nike production, there will be a Nike comma logo on it if it is a counterfeit there will be no logo under the heel.

Then look at the ends of the laces, on the real shoes Nike Vapormax it is written on it Vapormax. On fake shoes, there is nothing written on the ends of lace.

You can also remove the tongue of the shoe to test it. If it's a real Nike production, the tongue will be very stiff even when you wave it. On the counterfeits of Vapormax, the tongues are very soft and can easily bend in half.

One of the surest ways to know if Nike shoes are fake is to look at the color of the back of the tabs. On real Nike Vapormax Flyknit shoes, the back of the tabs is white while on the false shoes, he is blue.

below an English video showing you the differences between the true and false Nike Vapormax.

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