Fear is a feeling that can go on forever. Fear of spiders, heights, disease, abandonment, strangers or even the dark. These are fears, which can accompany us until a very old age. No doubt you have all experienced this feeling!

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Fear for us is not a fleeting feeling, it is always there, we are always afraid of losing the people we love, of losing ourselves. But the loss of a precious thing is not the main reason to be afraid!

With fear, there is no self-confidence, we will never be able to move forward in life if we still have this feeling, that something bad is going to happen. Our parents very often raise us by being afraid, we are taught to be afraid because they love us and because they do not have confidence in life. But we can overcome all our fears, and get out of our comfort zone!

According to psychologists, a breathing exercise can be useful for quickly relaxing and breaking free from fear, but first and foremost you need to prove to your brain in smaller steps that there is nothing to fear. Accept, face and above all overcome your fear, while changing the rules of the game. In summary, never let fear steal your ambitions, it is only an emotion!

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