Lando Norris and Carlos Sainz have both been in the top 10 at the US Grand Prix.

Lando Norris took seventh place. He was fifth at the start of the race, having taken the lead over Sebastian Vettel in the first round, but he was dubbed by Daniel Ricciardo. Alexander Albon also took the lead. He made two stops, which made him fall to 10th place, but he was able to climb up the rankings to see the finish just behind Ricciardo. He is satisfied with his race.

"A good race for the team and me! "Rejoices the Englishman. "I had a great start and was fifth after the first turns. We are good at this and it is one of our strengths. Then the race was difficult, especially the first relay in soft. In the last laps (of the relay), I was in more trouble than Daniel (Ricciardo) with the tires, (but) we expected. "

"Then we relooked on hard tires and came back to Daniel. I tried to preserve the tires. He did not attack too much, but I did, and I watched if he was going to make a mistake, which would have allowed me to double it. But he did not, and he just controlled his pace. We decided to take the midrange and switch to two stops, which turned out very good. A fun race, at least in the third stint, with some overtaking. A big thank you to everyone at the factory and on the circuit for their tremendous work. "

Also feel in the points

Carlos Sainz was ranked eighth. He was ninth early in the race after contact with Alexander Albon. He won a place with Sebastian Vettel's retirement but Albon doubled it. He took the lead over Pierre Gasly in the pits. He is satisfied with this result after hanging up the start.

"It was a good day for the team," Sainz said. "We managed to take (…) 10 points, so congratulations to everyone. Personally, I feel that we could have done better, but my race was compromised at first, after being hit at the first corner. "

"The passage on the hard tires and the one stop strategy meant that my second stint was very long. The pace was acceptable and we managed to take an eighth place. A positive weekend overall, and we will aim to do better in Brazil. "

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