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We thought the transfer market was going to unravel a bit this weekend at the Nurburgring, but the weather may have turned things upside down! Because Mick Schumacher and Calum Ilott's tests with Alfa Romeo and Haas could not and should not be done before testing in Abu Dhabi, at the end of the current Formula 1 season. Let us therefore proceed to a small point by evoking the cases of Raikkonen, Grosjean et cie.

Haas F1: towards a Magnussen / Mazepin or Perez duo?

Concretely, at Haas, the situation is not yet very clear. Because if, a few days ago, the Management denied the arrival of the Mazepin family for a buyout – if only partial – of the team, the rumor is resuming force, even announcing that the signing of the son with the American training would be done (something revealed by Laurent Dupin on Canal +). Except that at this time, the latter is not yet eligible for the super-license.

Of course, whether the person concerned is enlisted or not, one thing is certain, the departure of Romain Grosjean. Disillusioned, the tricolor regularly dissociates itself from his team. While Kevin Magnussen is regularly praised by Steiner. Lately because of his mind-blowing starts, which allowed his team to hope for points during a few laps and to implement specific strategies. Hope, in a stable from the back of the grid, is vital… And clearly, a Hülkenberg would not bring much more than the Dane (apart, perhaps a more pointed feedback), with the handicap of having to reintegrate a new pilot and therefore start from scratch.

From our side, therefore, we think Kevin could stay. With either Mazepin or Perez at his side. With, logically, a preference for the Mexican, who would bring real expertise, experience, a steering wheel that cannot be doubted, all without Haas having to change its name and therefore its organization. The death knell for Nico Hülkenberg? Certainly. Unless…

Alfa Romo: Raikkonen-Schumacher, full circle?

At Alfa Romeo the situation is undoubtedly clearer. Kimi Raikkonen will probably sign again. But if a surprise were to be announced in the next few days, no doubt only Perez and Hülkenberg would be good candidates for his replacement. Again, the Mexican would have the advantage. And for sure, both would choose Alfa Romeo rather than Haas, with the prospect of a more stable 2021 season.

The second seat, for its part, is 90% sure to go to Mick Schumacher. Even if it is believed that the free 1s of the Eifel Grand-Prix represented a formality to be completed to sign the German. The leaders of Ferrari will they still sign it, without waiting for the test in question? Possible. We are therefore betting on a Schumacher / Raikkonen duo at Alfa.

Hülkenberg on the sidelines, betting on COVID?

For Hülkenberg, therefore, the 2021 season seems compromised. Unless Red Bull and / or Alpha Tauri are ready to hire pilots from outside the industry. Thing considered, although not a priority. In which case, the German like Perez would be in the best position to succeed Kvyat and Albon. But the Mexican could also easily find refuge in Indycar. Grosjean, for his part, would go to Formula E and Endurance (Peugeot?), For a probably mixed program, as do many drivers in these two disciplines.

And what outcome for Kvyat?

Regarding Hülkenberg, his freelancing has been convincing this season. So the best thing for him to do would be to accept a reserve role or stay very active in the paddock to replace a driver at short notice next year. Something that could happen again, with COVID-19, that other pilots will no doubt catch in the months / years to come. There remains the Kvyat case. Pilot who also has support. And while one may think that the Russian will have to accept a reserve role (at Red Bull / Alpha Tauri?) Too, do not totally rule out the prospect of a seat at Haas. Team looking for very short term new money.

To be continued…

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