Andreas Seidl is hoping for progress from McLaren in 2020, but like Renault, the team will have to choose the right time to prepare for the 2021 settlement.

Carlos Sainz believes that the major changes to the 2021 regulations offer McLaren, fourth in the 2019 championship, a "shortcut" to progress and return to the top teams. Like Renault, McLaren does not have as much of a budget as those of the three top teams. Andreas Seidl, the boss of the team, will have to ask the question of when to completely switch resources on the development of the single-seater for 2021.

"Like everyone else, we are hoping for a good start to the season," said Seidl at the McLaren site. "The performance of our 2020 car will determine, to some extent, when we switch all of our resources to 2021. It is a decision to be made every year, but it is more extreme this time, due to the technical regulations for 2021. We are not going to sacrifice 2020, we still want a good season because for the development of the team, it is important to continue to progress. "

McLaren had a great 2019 season and his goal is to close the gap on Mercedes, Ferrari and Red Bull in 2020. Andreas Seidl thinks McLaren can progress "everywhere" next season: "First of all, I'm very happy progress I see at the factory around preparations for the 2020 season, ”says Seidl. "I think we have fully understood the weaknesses of the MCL34 in 2019 and it is good to see that the whole team is working very hard to progress. I think we can take the next step, continue to narrow the gap with the top three teams. "

McLaren wants to go back to the top

In the longer term, Andreas Seidl wants to bring McLaren to the top: "Our goal is to become the best in the championship in the long term, and we know that we are far from it now," he explains. “We don't get carried away after the good season that we have just lived, we remain humble and we continue to respect our rivals. We know our weaknesses and we will continue to work hard to progress. "

"It is an adventure and we feel a good dynamic within the team. The team approach and the involvement of the shareholders makes me optimistic about winning again, but you have to be realistic about what you can achieve year after year. "

McLaren restructured in 2018. Andreas Seidl joined the team and James Key took over as technical director. Seidl wants to create a positive atmosphere for McLaren. "Motor sport is a collective sport," he said. “You can never do it alone. I manage very competent people, James Key as technical director, Piers Thynne as production director and Andrea Stella as competition manager. I have full confidence in them and their teams in everything they do, so they have my full support. "

"It is crucial to value people, encourage them to make decisions, allow them to take risks and support them if things go wrong, because I accept the fact that mistakes are possible. For the team, this is the only way to progress and improve. "

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