Sebastian Vettel sees "the glass half full" after the last races. He wants to concretize the progress of Ferrari in victories.

Ferrari remains on six races since pole, but Mercedes has won the last three. Sebastian Vettel believes that the gaps are small and it would have been possible to win some races but not that of Mexico. He thinks that Lewis Hamilton's strategy was not the determining factor.

"I see the glass half full, because there is no doubt that our car has really progressed in performance," said the German Vettel. "We have shown that we are very fast in qualifying, we are at the same level or just behind our competitors (in the race), and that means that unless you do everything perfectly, it's hard to stay ahead. "

"In Russia, without the problem on my car, we would probably have won a double. We all know what happened in the first round in Japan, while in Mexico, Lewis had a better pace, and I think it had nothing to do with strategy. "

Vettel wants to finish the season

Sebastian Vettel now wants to turn Ferrari's performance into better results. He is optimistic for the last three races.

"It's hard to decide before we take the track, but we've proven we can perform well on all tracks," Vettel said. "The goal can only be to win all races until the end of the season. "

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