Ross Brawn is surprised by Ferrari's lack of performance in Austin. He believes that the Scuderia has especially struggled to manage the tires.

Ferrari lived a tough US Grand Prix. During the weekend, the FIA ​​issued a technical guideline on the use of the flow meter and Red Bull believe that it has hurt Ferrari. The Scuderia has denied any changes to its powertrain. Ross Brawn, head of the F1 competition, is surprised at the performance drop compared to previous races, but he attributes it to tire management.

"From the outside, it's hard to explain the loss of performance and I really do not want to speculate on the latest FIA technical directive, about the fuel flow meter," says the Englishman. "But what is obvious is that Ferrari has been in trouble in Texas, especially in tire management. It was not that they could not keep them going, but that they could not make them work well. "

Brawn believes that Mercedes and Red Bull have done a better job in Austin: "Yes, track conditions have changed a lot over the weekend, because the track temperature has gone up considerably, but it's also true that Mercedes and Red Bull have worked better to adapt to changing conditions. In Maranello, there will be a lot of work of analysis, reflection and countermeasures, especially because it could also be useful for next year. "

Ferrari stayed on a good run

Ross Brawn is surprised at this poor performance. Ferrari did not place any drivers on the podium, which had not happened to him since Barcelona, ​​at the beginning of the season, and it planned important analyzes.

"In Spain, Mercedes won a double that seemed to sit his authority in the fight for both titles," recalls Brawn. "But since, especially after the summer break, Ferrari has given the impression to cross a course, with six poles and three wins, and in the end, the Maranello team has regressed, and surprisingly. Not so much in qualifying, where (Sebastian) Vettel was only at 0''0012 (Valtteri) Bottas, but really in the race, where (Charles) Leclerc finished 52 seconds behind the Finn. "

"The Ferrari driver suffered especially in the first stint, with Pirelli's mid tires, losing a second to the leader. After passing on the hard tires, Leclerc was more successful, but his chances of podium had gone long. "

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