Ferrari lost in top speed according to rivals. Should we see a link with a clarification of the FIA ​​after a request from Red Bull?

In recent weeks, Ferrari's competitors would have been surprised at the power developed by the Italian powertrain, but no claim has been filed.

According to Auto Motor und Sport, Red Bull asked the FIA ​​for a clarification on 22 October. The team wanted to know if it was ok to bypass the fuel flow meter and inject fuel into the engine without it being measured.

"Ferrari's power advantage has simply become too obvious," Red Bull advisor Helmut Marko told the German magazine. "That's why we wanted clarification. "

Nicholas Tombazis, the technical director of the FIA, issued a technical directive Saturday, saying it is not allowed to bypass the flowmeter.

Ferrari's rivals perceive a change

Has the FIA ​​technical directive pushed some engine manufacturers to make changes? Ferrari has traditionally had the advantage in a straight line this year and Helmut Marko believes it was not as clear on Saturday in Austin.

"Our Ferrari deficit in a straight line is not bad," Marko told Auto Motor und Sport. "In a straight line he was three or four tenths (in qualifying). (Friday), we lost the double. "

The Mercedes clan also perceives a difference: "It's pretty interesting to see that Ferrari clearly lost some power (Saturday)," Lewis Hamilton told Speedweek.

Toto Wolff also notes a change: "The three top teams were closer than before in a straight line," said the Mercedes Motorsport boss at Speedweek.

In the official FIA top speed measurement, Sebastian Vettel was eighth in qualifying, ahead of Charles Leclerc. They were in the first two places in Suzuka and Mexico. Aerodynamic adjustments may, however, have an influence on the top speed, which can distort the comparisons.