Antonio Giovinazzi and Kimi Räikkönen were both eliminated in Q2 in Austin, while they were hoping for good results.

Antonio Giovinazzi will start in 16th place. He was hoping for a much better result after a good try and he thinks the race will be tough.

"We were looking forward to a lot better today, especially after a last practice session where we looked pretty good, but in the end I missed Q2 very little, less than a tenth, Explains Giovinazzi. "With this starting position, the race will be difficult. "

"We must try to understand how to maximize our racing pace, believe in ourselves, and see where it will take us. "

Räikkönen made a mistake

Kimi Räikkönen ranked 17th. He made a mistake blocking a wheel and he thinks that's what deprived him of the Q2.

"It's disappointing to be eliminated in Q1 after a good session in the morning," admits the Finn. "I made a mistake in corner 12 braking, I blocked a wheel and it made me lose at least three tenths (and without that) I could have won three or four places and would have allowed me to enter Q2. "

"That's about all, without the mistake, I'll be easily passed. We have a lot of work to find this place but we will do our best. "

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