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Ferrari, which could boast of having the best engine in 2019, is said to have developed a largely revamped power unit in 2020.

The 2020 Ferrari power unit was born from a new project which concerns more particularly the upper part of the engine, in particular with different combustion chambers.

According to Italian media, Scuderia Ferrari has also developed an unprecedented intercooler for the 2020 season to cool the air in the compressor, which could ultimately be an adaptation of Ferrari's solution to the technical directives sent in large numbers by the FIA ​​in 2019.

Last year, the superiority of the 6-cylinder Ferrari forced Maranello's competitors to raise several doubts about the legality of the power unit, forcing the FIA ​​to publish several technical directives in an attempt to reframe certain points.

In 2020, the Maranello team would have decided to embark on the development of a concept promoting reliability, as well as performance and paying particular attention to the integration of the power unit in the chassis of its future single-seater by also modifying the engine anchor points to obtain aerodynamic advantages.

Remember that the Scuderia Ferrari will unveil its 2020 single-seater on February 11th live from Maranello in Italy.

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