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Rally driver Sebastien Loeb took over in 2013, before giving his place to Romain Dumas behind the wheel of his electric Volkswagen I.D.R. The ascent of Pikes Peak, a mountain in Colorado reaching over 4,300 meters, has become a benchmark in motorsport and driving prowess since one Ari Vatanen. Its time trial has set a string of records in recent years, notably thanks to the arrival of overpowered electric cars and much more comfort in the relaunch of the 156 corners of the track.

For 2020, despite the health crisis, the edition of the International Hill Climb of Pikes Peak has taken place. In keeping with its times, three Tesla Model 3s were registered to attack the giant, which has seen more than a century of automobiles pass since the birth of the road (at all-terrain passages) in 1915. Unfortunately for them, two have already left the track, even before their timed passage which will take place on Sunday.

The bump too much

To compete, the Model 3 driven by Tesla expert consultant Randy Pobst has been stripped of all of its equipment in the cabin, to lose maximum weight. Nothing quite looks like the production model of the Tesla Model 3 anymore, except that the central display – indispensable – is still in its place despite the surrounding chaos.

Much lighter than what it represents at the end of the dealership, the Model 3 did not support a bump at the start of the upper part of the track. Its pilot said he arrived too quickly, causing the car to take off and crash into a raised heap of stones, luckily without causing any major problems for its crew. A spectacular accident, which could have led to the worst on the Pikes Peak route, where some bends give way to a void for those who dare to venture without restraint.

Everything had started well for this Tesla Model 3… - Everything had started well for this Tesla Model 3… - Lemon squeezer

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Video of the Tesla Model 3 crash

On YouTube, photos of the Tesla Model 3 crash were quickly supplemented by a GoPro-style video, which was installed in the car's cabin. The opportunity to see the complete skinning of the car in its cabin, and the violence of the shock.

A second chance at Pikes Peak

A second race against the clock begins for this Tesla Model 3 with a spectacular crash Wednesday August 26th. Randy Pobst wants to take the wheel next Sunday in the real race. For that, it will still be necessary to repair the many faults that the car suffered when it left the road.

According to our colleagues atElectrek, the first evaluation would have confirmed defects on the shock absorbers, bent wheels, the rear part of the chassis also deformed, the rear brakes torn off, and a rear engine also in a bad state.

The teams still have three days to get to work. Hopefully Sunday, the lightness of the Tesla does not fail again.

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