"Everyone in the kitchen": Cyril Lignac forced to change the recipe for his Niçoise salad – BFMTV

The famous chef was not unanimous with his Niçoise salad recipe with green beans and potatoes. He agreed to change the ingredients.

Cyril Lignac returns this Monday, August 24 on M6 with a new season of All in the kitchen. His show, which met with great success during confinement, features him live in his kitchen presenting recipes.

To do this, he publishes the list of necessary ingredients on the Internet a few days before the episode is broadcast, in order to give everyone time to buy them. Last week, he unveiled his Niçoise salad recipe for Monday evening, but it sparked the indignation of several Internet users.

Over 2 million viewers every night

In question the presence of green beans, potatoes and a parmesan crumble in this salad which usually requires in particular tomatoes, green peppers, artichokes or cucumbers. Last Friday, as reported The Parisian, M6 changed Cyril Lignac's recipe. Monday's show is saved.

Launched at the end of March, a few days after the start of containment, All in the kitchen guided viewers through all the stages of a recipe so that they could cook the same meals as Cyril Lignac in real time. Many stars took part in the show. The success of the program was immediate, attracting more than 2 million viewers each evening.

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