Europe wants Google to finally allow default apps to be uninstalled

A European bill could soon allow users to uninstall default applications on Android smartphones. The applications of manufacturers and third-party software suites would be affected by this law, which could be applied as of this year.

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When you start an Android smartphone for the first time, you see that there are about ten apps already installed. Manufacturers like to put their own software there, whether it is a dedicated store, a calendar or even a messaging service. It is impossible to uninstall them … yet.

Indeed, the Financial Times reports today that the European Parliament is considering the idea of ​​letting users uninstall these applications. If these would still be installed by default, it does not should no longer be compulsory to keep them, even if you don't use them. This law could even come into force very soon, since it is scheduled for the end of 2020.

The other applications also concerned

The applications of third-party manufacturers would also be affected. The American tech giants are indeed concluding agreements to install their software directly on smartphones. Thus, it is common to find Facebook directly installed, or Instagram. Likewise, the software suite from Google is often present in full. If you don't want it, too bad for you, since you can't remove it.

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Again, the idea would be to leave the choice to the user to remove them and so save some space on your terminal. The goal is also to avoid any dominant position with companies that force themselves into as many smartphones as possible.

Another part of the law would oblige tech companies to share their data with their competitors on the same segment. One way to make the collection of this data more transparent and, to a lesser extent, to curb it. It remains to be seen how the GAFA could react to this new European law which could undermine a well-oiled system today.

And you, would you be happy to finally be able to uninstall preinstalled apps on your smartphone? Or does it not bother you more than that? Tell us in the comments !

Source: Financial Times

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