There are many sayings about the benefits of travel, its impact on minds, and the most thoughtful aspect of our lives. Taking the road with our children is one more way to encourage their creativity, show them different places and bring them closer to nature. However, the journey itself can become an ordeal if we do not play well the cards of entertainment, games and fun. For this reason, we share some suggestions for traveling with children in a motorhome.

The value of traveling goes far beyond the collection of photographs and videos about the destination, it is a way to grow emotionally and escape from the routine. Doing it aboard a motorhome is even better, because the road is part of the experience itself. It is common for the love of caravanning, whether it be the camper, caravans or motorhomes, is inherited from parents to children. Once you discover this world, you cannot escape it and its immaterial wealth.

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The fact that the motorhomes have a kitchen will ensure that children do not lose their eating habits

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If you want to set out to discover incredible landscapes with your children, but you fear their reactions during the links, think: many have done it before, starting with your parents. At the beginning, with the youngest children, you will have to turn their heads so that that time flies by. As they get older, they themselves will be part of the adventure of riding the road together.

Safety first

The safety guidelines and obligations when traveling are very similar to those of a tourism. To begin with, the rear seats of the motorhomes have Isofix anchors to fix the approved seats. On some occasions you will need to acquire optional elements to adapt its installation, such as the support bar of said seat. It is important to make sure that these accessories are approved.

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Involving children in planning the trip will fuel their curiosity and make them feel like part of a team

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Regarding their placement, safety experts recommend placing them upside down from the seat or, if possible, turning those seats so that fixing the seat in reverse means leaving them facing the road. Normally these seats are in front of the dining room table, which can be folded so it is not at the child’s height.

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If they are already older, so much so that they do not need that safety device, it will be necessary to mark the limits of movements in motion. The belt is mandatory at all times. Stops will be essential, both for them and for us. Stretch your legs, breathe non-stale air and know, incidentally, one more point of our marked route. We can take these breaks in places with playgrounds, picnics and spaces for them to run. This way they will return to the vehicle with discharged batteries.

Preparing the trip is essential

Developing a love for traveling will make your little ones more curious and patient. In addition, we can start motivating them long before we hit the road. That they are part of the planning, in its proper measure, will invite them to know aspects such as geography, know their tastes from an early age and feel part of a team. If from the beginning they are aware of what it means to visit a mountain, with coats, hats, comfortable shoes and backpacks, they will be able to associate the adventure with these objects.

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Board games are a good option to have a good time with the little ones


The little ones have their favorite toys, both at home and on the way to Austria. These pieces will be part of the luggage but little else, since in these houses on wheels there is not enough space. In addition, they will hardly have time to use everything they want to carry, so the sooner they learn to choose their priorities, the more they will enjoy a new experience. It is the perfect time to show them the bonanzas of board games, which usually involve sharing moments with the family and speeding up aspects such as memory.

What to keep in mind during the trip?

Motorhomes have an outstanding advantage over campervans: the possibility of cooking comfortably inside. Current models arrive very well equipped, with full kitchens, refrigerators and enough space to prepare the best delicacies. Thanks to this greater habitability you will be able to maintain the eating habits that they bring from home, maintaining a healthy diet and avoid falling into the temptation of fast food.

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It is important that children are not locked in the motorhome for a long time; there are many activities that can be done outdoors, such as eating

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The first nights can lead to a certain “dislocation” for children, who have changed their bed for a new one. For this reason, it is advisable to accompany them for a couple of days and share a sleeping space with them so that they feel more secure. Of course, it is necessary that they understand that their motorhome is like their home. And as in any home, there are doors that should not be crossed, such as the one on the street.

What do we do when we are standing still?

Life outside of motorhomes or caravans is normal. For this reason, we will have to be more aware than ever of our little ones. Their curiosity is unmatched so, easily, they will mislead us and move away from the vehicle. Once inside, some areas such as the kitchen or the driver’s area must be banned until a certain age.

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It will be then when we can show them other benefits of traveling on wheels, such as waking up at the desired time. There are no breakfasts with schedules and the first class of school, we are on vacation. If we choose to camp in the middle of nature, making them part of the sunrises will show them the advantages of getting up early without obligation. In addition, thanks to the motorhome trunks, we will be able to carry bicycles or scooters so that they can roam freely under our supervision.