End clap for Cortana on iOS and Android

Microsoft's voice assistant struggled to convince on a smartphone. However, it is still present on Windows 10.

Microsoft's application has been available for both iPhone and Android smartphones for a few years. Offered to compete with the now well-established Google Assistant and Siri, the app reproduced the same functionality as the PC version.

Unfortunately, Cortana's arrival came late compared to the competition. In addition, the personal assistant did not offer as many features in its infancy as its rivals. Amazon Alexa, for example, is much more successful on smartphones, where it is not installed by default either. A success which is in large part due to further integration, in particular via Apple Music or home automation products.

This is why Microsoft has resigned itself to withdrawing its application on Android and iOS devices. In a statement posted on its site, Microsoft explains that as of September 7, it will no longer offer support for third-party skills. She then vaguely mentions early 2021 regarding the removal of the app on smartphones. The American firm intends to favor the assistant from Windows 10 as well as its Teams and Outlook apps.

Microsoft's decision will not impact Belgian users. Indeed, the application has never been available separately on smartphones in the Plat Pays. Microsoft, on the other hand, had already announced that it was reducing support for the application outside the United States.

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