Need to computer simulate a car, plane or even nuclear power plant accident? This is the company ESI, leader in virtual prototyping in France, which takes care of it. With 320 employees in France and 1,200 worldwide, the small French multinational whose customers are Airbus, Boeing, and many car manufacturers, is doing well despite the economic crisis. " ESI is not a victim of the Covid, all market shares have been retained for 2021 “, Even declared its general manager.

How then to explain that the management of ESI announced on October 5 that it would get rid of 9 employees for economic reasons?

" In truth these are targeted dismissals, ESI uses the collective economic dismissal procedure to avoid having to seek the advice of the labor inspectorate and the unions. We believe that the objective is to make, in the long term, a restructuring of the company at a lower cost and it is very likely that for this the management decided to fire first those who were most likely to put it. Sticks in the wheels. This may be just a first wave of 9 that will be followed by others », Says a union representative of Solidaires Informatique.

In the group of people threatened with dismissal there is in fact a union representative. He had helped trigger an economic alert on July 9 to learn more about the state of his firm's finances. Careless about workers' rights ESI also wants to fire an employee on maternity leave, who learned the news while she was at home.

" If the approach had been in good faith, ESI would have offered us reclassifications within the company, which is totally feasible given the profiles of the people at risk. But this is only the case for a minority of us », Details the same trade unionist. The case is far from over, however, and the workers do not intend to let it go. Rather well-attended protest rallies took place during the week on the Lyon, Aix-en-Provence and Rungis sites.