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For the past year, California and 21 other states have been waging a revolt against the Trump administration, which has decided to go back on the decrees signed by Barack Obama on polluting emissions related to the automobile, set by the consumption of vehicles , which must allow them to make 54.5 miles with a gallon of gasoline, about 4 liters. Translated to our standards, this means that the manufacturers will have to present in their entire range an average consumption of 4.32 l / 100 km by 2025.

Donald Trump and his administration have decided to go back and authorize manufacturers to stick to current standards. Shortly before the summer, we reported that several manufacturers had asked the president to apply the standards set by the previous administration, so that the United States are bound under the same legislation. Among them, the most vehement were BMW, Ford, Honda and Volkswagen, which were the subject of a complaint by the federal government, which accused them of reducing access to cars and reducing purchasing power, since this would increase the price of vehicles in the future.

In total, 17 builders had made this request to Donald Trump, but some eventually retracted and, under the aegis of an association of builders, expressed themselves in favor of the president, and the conservation of more polluting standards, in the goal of not limiting growth. The American branch of Fiat Chrysler Automobiles is one of them, even if the brand has not officially communicated on this subject. Contacted by us, the European division of the group did not wish to speak, simply stating that the decisions taken across the Atlantic involved only FCA North America.

Toyota, Fiat and General Motors in Trump Camp

GM is also a part of it, just like Toyota, in a much more surprising way. The answer given by Toyota France was similar to that of FCA, since the two geographical entities are separate, but the Japanese brand has however very clearly communicated on this subject in the United States, explaining not wanting to apply a differentiation of legislation according to States, and position themselves in favor of the federal government, that is to say in the desired position by Donald Trump and his administration. The president recently launched a lawsuit against California, and Toyota explained his support for the president, which jeopardizes the green image of the brand, yet still the cleanest manufacturer in Europe.

"Toyota is passionate about the environment and reducing our impact"begins the statement, as a justification. "Our constant desire to improve society is in our DNA, and as a leader for electrified vehicles, that's what we are as a company. […] Toyota supports the progress of year to year on fuel savings, beneficial to our climate, and more aligned with the will of consumers.That's why we remain involved in order to be a leader in the development of vehicles helping to reduce greenhouse gases. Greenhouse."

And then justify the bias in this complaint: "Toyota took part in this legal action, not as a plaintiff or defender, and not in favor of a political party, Toyota is intervening to have an impact on the implementation of the emissions standards, we want to help forge a lasting compromise for consumers and the environment Without joining this legal action, we would have no ability to affect the outcome. "

An ecological justification for economic issues

The brand ensures doing this to think about the environment, while explaining that supporting the ecology will be done by ensuring a better purchasing power for its American customers. A decision that seems however guided by the fact that the best selling of the brand on American soil is the RAV4, which is placed just behind a trio of Ford, Fiat and GM pick-ups. Toyota therefore sets out its logic on this subject.

"We do not think there should be different standards in different states, there should be only one American standard, that's why we get involved in this complaint, it does not reduce our involvement. to the environment, nor our desire to make cars that produce less emissions, multiple standards will lead to more expensive cars, and if prices rise, customers will keep their old car, less efficient, longer. "

Toyota recalls then having sold 3.6 million hybrid cars on US soil since 2000, and explains that its sales of hybrid or electrified cars reach 11% in the US, which is far from the 50% seen in Europe. Coming from a manufacturer engaged in a cleaner car for 20 years, such a message is difficult to perceive, and the justifications are necessarily more complicated to admit.

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