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For the moment absent in the light commercial vehicle segment, Tesla could soon launch a first offer. At least this is what a German deputy is proposing who proposes to the Californian group to buy the small manufacturer StreetScooter.

Launched in 2010 at a time when electric utilities could be counted on the finger of one hand, the StreetScooter has had great success in Germany where some 15,000 copies have been sold since the launch. Owned by Deutsche Post DHL, the company has been looking for a buyer for two years. A subject that Oliver Krischer seized upon. A member of the Greens in the Bundestag, the German parliament, he personally wrote to Elon Musk asking him to buy the manufacturer and continue production under the leadership of Tesla.

A large potential

According to Oliver Krisher, the StreetScooter has great commercial potential, especially in metropolitan areas which are more and more likely to reserve access to their city centers only to clean vehicles.

Designed on a modular platform, the StreetScooter utility is capable of carrying between 30 and 90 kWh of battery. Enough to guarantee between 80 and 200 km of autonomy in a single charge.

It remains to be seen whether Tesla and Elon Musk will be sensitive to the brand’s arguments.

Source: Spiegel

Author’s opinion

If the idea of ​​an electric utility signed Tesla seems attractive and relevant to create an intermediate product to the Semi, the takeover of StreetScooter by the Californian group seems unlikely to me.

With the Cybertruck, the Semi, the new Roadster and the industrialization of the Model Y in Europe, the manufacturer’s agenda is already full. To launch out on the utility would undoubtedly amount to dispersing too much. Above all, StreetScooter doesn’t have much to contribute to Tesla. Today, the brand is only known in Germany and may have trouble coping with the offensives that the historic manufacturers are preparing to launch on the electric utility segment.