Electric cars: BMW to work harder to reduce CO2 emissions by 2030 – 20 Minutes

Illustration: the BMW logo. – Joseph Dean / REX Shutter / SIPA

Half of BMW's range of cars will be electric by 2030. This is the target the German manufacturer has set for itself, which wants to reduce its
CO2 emissions of around 40% per kilometer traveled, reports Numerama.

In the next ten years, BMW therefore intends to sell seven million electrified cars, of which "about two-thirds will be 100% electric," says the automotive group. In 2019, 500,000 electrified vehicles were marketed, or 13% of the group's sales.

Systems to reduce the ecological impact

To reduce its CO2 emissions and meet the objectives of the Paris Agreement, validated by BMW, the brand offers its current ranges in several engines. Thus, the BMW X3 exists in Diesel, gasoline, plug-in hybrid, with 48 V light hybridization and in 100% electric with the BMW iX3. The BMW 7, 5 and X1 Series will follow this model by being divided between thermal engines, rechargeable hybrids and 100% electric.

The German group is also developing other technologies to limit the impact of its vehicles on the environment. For example, the eDrive Zone system automatically launches 100% electric mode when the car enters a low emission zone (ZFE). BMW also intends to recycle its raw materials, use reusable materials or even use green electricity to reduce its impact on the climate and CO2 emissions.

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