Electric car: Tesla is doing well – RFI

Electric car Tesla is doing well RFI - Electric car: Tesla is doing well - RFI

The share climbed 46% in one year and deliveries of Elon Musk's brand vehicles jumped by more than 50% compared to 2018, reaching 367,500.

And Tesla intends not to stop there, to continue to produce more on its land, in the United States, and in China, where the company has established a factory. A crucial location to conquer the largest market for electric vehicles.

And this factory also makes it possible to circumvent the taxes imposed within the framework of the trade war.

Tesla is not only spared, but downright pampered by Beijing, which did not force it to form an alliance with a local company, and which notably grants subsidies for the purchase of Tesla "made in China".

Towards new electric models from Volkswagen, Ford or Peugeot

Elon Musk is also eyeing Europe, he will build a giant factory near Berlin.

Farther north, in Norway, the success of the Model 3 has in part boosted record electric sales. These oil-free vehicles accounted for more than 40% of new registrations this year.

But competition will strengthen for the American brand with the marketing of new electric models from Volkswagen, Ford and even Peugeot.

Even if they remain a minority, zero-carbon cars are also on the rise in the United Kingdom, up 230% over the first 11 months of 2019.

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