Around the world, international travel had to be put on hold. But now, there is new hope, thanks to the deployment of vaccines and the development of other medical advances in the fight against COVID-19. In fact, research by shows that a 67% of the Argentine travel community feel more hopeful about the possibility of traveling in 2021.

Many people are going to do that first unaccompanied trip, a trend that is gathering momentum. The data that had collected before the pandemic showed that only 15% of the Argentines consulted were organizing a trip without a companion, while now 32% say they will plan a trip on their own in the future.

The inspiration of the destinies arises from the rRecommendations on from other users for solo travel: from friendly locals to convenient public transportation.

1-Taste the local gastronomy

To know the true flavor of the place you chose, you have to experience it as if you were a local, especially when it comes to food. For 79% of the Argentine travel community, Local cuisine and gastronomy is a key deciding factor in choosing a destination. If you are alone or alone and do not dare to dine without company in a restaurant, street food is an excellent option to taste various local specialties in a relaxed environment. If you travel to Bangkok, in Thailand, you will find streets full of shops and food stalls, ideal for a traveling palate. Not surprisingly, Bangkok is among the top international destinations recommended for local food by the travel community.

2-Get out of the traditional way

Traveling alone or alone means that you do not have to consult or negotiate where to go or what to do. When it is safe to travel and organize your trip, why not think about little traveled roads? 52% of the Argentine travel community will look for more rural experiences and far from known places. These less crowded destinations offer the opportunity to meet other travelers similar to you, who are looking for a similar experience. When traveling off the beaten track, friendly faces are always welcome. For this reason, Chajar, in Argentina, should be first on the list. This hidden gem located northeast of Entre Ros is recommended by many users for the friendly locals: the best tourist guides.

3-Look for individual options in the city

Not all solo trips have to find you at the top of a hill, a short city break can be just as rewarding. I enjoyed the noise of a new destination and explored a new metropolis. Porto, Portugal, can be an ideal place to go unaccompanied. The second city of the country offers a center of culture and entertainment located on the coast and is also famous for the production of port wine. This city is recommended by many users because of the sympathy of its people, so you are sure to see many friendly faces and make new friends while passing through the Duero River or visiting the old town.

4-Choose a shopping paradise

A solo trip is the perfect opportunity to enjoy your hobbies and hobbies. 58% of Argentines choose their destination based on the places to go shopping, so if you like clothes and fashion, A shopping trip without anyone else can be a dream come true. One of the fashion capitals of the world, and a highly recommended destination on for shopping, is obviously New York City. You can stroll through Manhattan while exploring iconic stores and discovering new brands and trends by searching for pop-up stores and sales.

5-I enjoyed time for you

Traveling unaccompanied is the ideal opportunity to prioritize yourself, relax and rest. In Sydney, Australia, you find relaxing beaches with incredible white sand and good places to eat by the sea.

6-Do something that you will never forget

Traveling alone or alone is a great opportunity to immerse yourself in the adventure and do something out of the ordinary. Iceland’s capital Reykjavik attracts people from all over the world who want to embark on an unforgettable experience, be it seeing the Northern Lights or whale watching.

7-I traveled without haste

Really experiencing a destination goes beyond the places you visit and the foods you taste. They are the little things, like knowing public transport, especially in Tokyo, Japan, where you can experience one of the most advanced in the world. In fact, data from shows that Tokyo is one of the most recommended destinations by the international travel community for the practicality of its means of public transport.

8-Choose a good accommodation

I thought of the services and amenities you need to feel in contact with people at home, like free wifi, which is the most important service for 78% of Argentines.