Edition Thionville – Hayange | Traveling to South Africa with a baby? Why not !

Echappée Australe was born from a meeting, that of Clément Pilchen and his companion, Amandine Deslangles, originally from the Thionville region, with South Africa. "The people there are of incomparable kindness! Very welcoming and interested in everything. "From thread to trip, the young people decide to set up this tourism association with" tailor-made, guided, auto-tour trips or a mixture of the two and we work directly with the service providers on site, those we have ourselves tested and selected.

A virtue of awakening and socializing

Since the creation of Echappée Australe five years ago, young people have given birth to another project: a little cabbage less than 1 year old named Mavis. And after their three-week trip to South Africa with their daughter, Clément and Amandine extended their offer: “We offer trips with children. Yes, it's possible and it's great! They took advantage of their family adventure to collect a lot of tricks and offer a typical circuit, outside the malaria zones and which allows fairly short stages, suitable for children: along the Garden Route.

Sumptuous landscapes and safari, baby was amazed! "She was interested in everything, a trip has a real awakening virtue for the little ones. And social too: before, she cried when there were too many people around her. There, she let herself be rocked by African mamas. She smiled, she laughed in their arms. She became super sociable there! »The Garden route is not the only possible route, the countries of South Africa are full of magnificent places and the activities are varied, nature, nautical activities and even snow skiing… For children under 2, as for older, "you just have to take the time, to assume that you are adapting to your child, to want to make him discover. Nothing prevents children from going on vacation … except the fears of their parents! "

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