At Easter the egg is in the spotlight, it is tradition. Besides the chocolate eggs that (older) children look for in the garden on Easter morning, this symbol of the return of spring and renewal is invited in our table decoration, but also in the Easter menu, the proof with our recipe to prepare a Easter cake in the shape of a giant egg!

Easter recipe: how to prepare an original cake?

Easter is definitely a gourmet feast. If in April Christians celebrate the end of Lent and its food deprivation, many children rejoice at the arrival of Easter bells for the delicacies they will bring them. Want to change from the traditional ones Easter eggs and chocolate bunnies? There are many creative recipes which make it possible to celebrate Easter differently. A few examples: a little lemon curd is enough to transform simple cookies into fried eggs of a new kind, while it is easy to draw rabbit heads on colorful macaroons. As for the paschal dessert, we have prepared an easy recipe for Easter cake in the shape of a giant egg!

Easter Recipes: Baking a Giant Egg-Shaped Cake

To achieve this Easter cake, we prepared a simple biscuit, sponge cake or pound cake, which we decorated with sugar paste. So do not hesitate to take inspiration from this recipe to make a different cake, in the shape of a rabbit for example.

Design and production : Vania Leroy-Thuillier
Creation : Tania Zaoui
Photo : Fabrice Besse

Published in Issue 143