"During confinement, we had time to dream of the world of tomorrow"

Good morning all,

Like many, I think I came across this live by chance, after going through the "serious version" during the early days. The anxiety-provoking side gradually made me stop / relativize the relationship with information and finally choose the articles that interested me and, at the turn of one of them, the direct from lives confined with a lot of articles and advice at the beginning, then that the readers have gradually taken ownership making this meeting very alive. So of course, all the subjects, recipes, activity proposals, clips, photos, testimonies (…) did not touch in the same way (and this is quite normal) but with the themes proposed each day, this allowed us to s '' open to people everywhere in France (or even beyond), to see the diversity of situations, often felt in a good mood, despite sometimes difficult contexts or with a touch of sadness. No aggression here (thank you to all the journalists who took turns to moderate and moderate), it's so nice.
So yes, it's true, there were bound to be red threads, adventures, photos (…) that gave a reassuring, inclusive side in a moment that was not. New readers sometimes got the impression (and not only) of a developing community. But I think that the benevolence of the comments, both by readers and journalists, made the majority stay (on several occasions, you pointed out that Internet users stayed on this page longer than elsewhere).

I have been a reader of Le Monde for a long time. I really wanted to thank the people who came up with the idea for these articles less focused on direct news, this second direct with good news and all those who put it in place and brought it to life. Like many, I was among those who were requisitioned to go to their place of work during confinement. No neighbors met for two months, little risk of meeting someone on the sidewalks, even less at my office (I had to have two hectares for myself), the meeting of confined lives could serve for me, as for many others, sort of re-socialization during this parenthesis and has had a small impact on more people than you may have thought, given all the testimony in recent days.
Thank you for this little window on the world and on the World. Thank you for allowing us to share the view.


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