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Nothing beats cooking to warm up the mood. Today, meatballs that are as stupid as pigs by chefs Gilles and Nicolas Vérot.

At the end of March, we gave you the recipe for a terrine with three meats and pistachios from Gilles and Nicolas Vérot. The aces of charcuterie and pâté crust know a lot about sausages and other meatballs. In their bible published last year (1), we found this recipe for pork meatballs with herbs, which smells like summer. To be enjoyed with a fresh salad, oven-roasted vegetables, a yoghurt sauce and pickles in a sandwich …

You will need, for 5 people: 650 g of whole pork belly or 450 g of minced pork belly; 450 g of pork loin; 4 cloves of garlic; 1/2 bunch of parsley; 1/2 bunch of chervil; 1/2 bunch of tarragon; 3 teaspoons of salt; 4 pinches of ground pepper

Using a knife, remove the skin and possibly the bones, taking care to retain the fat on the pork breast. Cut it into small cubes of 7 mm on the side. Do the same with the spine. Peel the garlic, crush it with the palm of your hand, chop it as finely as possible. Roughly chop the leaves of the aromatic herbs. In a salad bowl, place the minced breast, salt, pepper, mix by hand or at low speed if you are using a food processor. Add the loin, garlic and herbs. Mix and shape into balls. Cook in a hot pan with a little neutral oil and serve hot.

(1) Terrines, rillettes, sausages and pie crust, Gilles and Nicolas Vérot, editor of Le Chène.

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