Transports Duboc, a specialist in road transport of sea containers, began their energy transition at the start of the year. The group is renewing part of its fleet with Volvo FH 460s running on LNG.

Duboc transporters opt for Volvo FH 460s running on LNG - Duboc transporters opt for Volvo FH 460s running on LNG - Workshop decision
DR / Volvo Trucks France

Located in Gonfreville’Orcher, near Le Havre, Transports Duboc have decided to step up their energy transition from this year. Last February, the group thus acquired a first Volvo LNG. “We are witnessing a rise in environmental initiatives, motivated by increasingly strong citizen pressure. We, transporters, have a card to play in favor of the climate by providing clean transport solutions such as Liquefied Natural Gas ”, emphasizes Gilles Duboc, CEO of Transports Duboc.
The choice of LNG was validated by the group's drivers, highlighting in particular a reduction in noise pollution compared to diesel. Gilles Duboc has therefore decided to renew part of his fleet with Volvo LNG. It also provides for the installation ofa refueling station on the Gonfreville l'Orcher site.

Reduction of CO2 emissions

“LNG technology offers energy efficiency comparable to its diesel-powered counterparts, but produces significantly less CO2 emissions. The use of liquefied biogas, also known as bio-LNG, reduces net emissions by up to 100%, while the use of natural gas reduces emissions by about 20% compared to standard diesel ", says Volvo Trucks France, before adding: “LNG is available on FM and FH, in G13C 420 hp and 460 hp engines. It works with Liquefied Natural Gas or Bio Liquefied Natural Gas and has a CRIT'air 1 sticker ".