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Drunk he destroys a house with his boss39s BMW - Drunk, he destroys a house with his boss's BMW - Capital.fr

It was a drunken evening that could well have turned into a disaster. During the night from Friday to Saturday, a couple experienced a very big fear in the municipality of Knokke-Heist, located in the province of Flanders, in Belgium. A BMW crashed into the facade of their house, causing extensive damage, reports 7 of 7. At the wheel, a man who had just borrowed his boss’s car. He presumably took an involuntary reverse while under the influence of alcohol.

Earlier in the evening, the driver had partied with his employer and colleagues. While his boss took a cab home, his 31-year-old employee borrowed his new BMW. But, something obviously didn't go as planned. In fact, at around 1:30 am, the vehicle struck the facade of a house. "Such a shock, so deafening, we have never experienced it in our entire life," explains the owner of the premises. At first, the inhabitants of the house, who sleep upstairs, do not even dare to come down, fearing a burglary and alert the police.

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An addition that promises to be salty

When the firefighters and police arrived, the driver got out of the vehicle unharmed. “He was stunned, next to the car, and said absolutely nothing. He had no recollection of the accident, ”said the owner. The latter's house now has cracks, the pillars have come out of their plinth and the living room is littered with broken glass. The driver had his driver's license withdrawn for 15 days for driving under the influence of alcohol. His boss would quickly come to the scene to apologize.

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If the car is hardly damaged, it remains to be seen who will pay the bill for the damage, which should be particularly steep. As the Belgian media point out, insurance companies generally do not cover costs related to an accident caused by alcohol. It is also not known whether the employee was able to keep his job …

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