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At Mercedes F1, Toto Wolff admitted his surprise to see Ferrari clearly abdicate for the 2020 and 2021 seasons in order to focus on 2022 and the new rules.

The words of Ferrari president John Elkann were pretty clear and Charles Leclerc, like his future team-mate Carlos Sainz, do not expect to win any Grands Prix next year. With the partial freeze on cars and engines, it must be said that the progress that can be made will inevitably be limited and the concept of the SF1000 is clearly not the right one.

"I've read John Elkann's comments but it's hard for me to judge their situation from the outside," Wolff comments.

"But is it really possible to abdicate two seasons at once so that we can prepare for 2022?"

"We can't start developing the new car until January next year. So even if you step down for this season, it doesn't give you any advantage."

"But it's none of my business to comment on Ferrari's plans."

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