This disturbing malware tries to trick you into installing a fake, larger-than-life system update … except that it allows it to take full control of your device, even allowing hackers to activate your camera on your device. unknowingly or retrieve all your messages.

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If you are using an Android smartphone, be careful. Zimperium cybersecurity researchers are alerting us to a virus that is actively circulating on smartphones equipped with Google’s mobile OS. This one is diffused outside the shelves of the Play Store, and it is rather easy to be mistaken there since it seeks to interfere in your system by pretending to be a system update.

Watch out for update notifications

The offending application is called “System Update”, it is not present on the Play Store and never has been. To push you to install it, the hackers had the ingenious and devilish idea of ​​displaying a notification on your smartphone inviting you to install a system update for your device, and went so far as to reply. the “G” of Google to fool you.

android malware - do not install this update, it harbors a virus!
Credit: Zimperium

Therefore, the application dumps a dangerous Remote Access Trojan (RAT) on your smartphone, allowing hackers to take control and get their hands on your photos, videos, SMS, contact lists, etc. messages from apps like WhatsApp, etc. Worse yet, the malware is also capable of recording your phone calls, monitoring your GPS location, or activating your device’s cameras remotely. In other words: don’t take it lightly. In addition, once it is installed on your smartphone, this malware will be very difficult to detect since the amount of data it consumes is very low.

Unfortunately, since this infected application is not on the shelves of the Google Play Store, the company could not take steps to block it. You will then have to be vigilant when displaying a notification inviting you to update your device, and rather go directly to the settings of your device to check that an update is proposed by Google beforehand. to install anything.

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