Discover Toyota's “flying car” in video –

Fly over traffic jams. This is the promise of Skydrive who presented his “flying car” at a press conference on August 31st. This startup financed by the giant Toyota has shown the first test flight of its all-electric device. This prototype, 4 meters long and 3.50 meters wide, is equipped with four pairs of counter-rotating rotors powered by batteries. This single-seater test machine should normally lead to a two-seater production version, more sophisticated, thanks in particular to its canopy and fairing.

According to manufacturer data, this “flying car” will be able to travel at 60 kilometers per hour for about thirty minutes. Big plus, you don't have to be an aviation expert to fly this aircraft. Indeed, take-off and landing will be done in a fully automated manner. A promise that has not yet been kept, since during its test flight the SkyDrive device only climbed 5 meters in height. In addition, the pilot was assisted by a computer control system, which stabilized the craft.

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Despite everything, the start-up remains optimistic and believes that its invention will be able to relieve the saturated car traffic of megalopolises like Tokyo or Osaka. This prototype could become a flying taxi in the image of competing projects from Uber or Airbus. The company wants to market its invention in 2023. In addition to the technical challenges, the company will also have to comply with the laws governing air traffic over cities and which, for the moment, prohibit this type of aircraft from flying over them. .

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