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iconfb - Discover the perfect poo recipe - Les Débrouillards

icontw - Discover the perfect poo recipe - Les Débrouillards

Is your poop sometimes green, nut-shaped or smelly? We give you the recipe for the perfect poo to avoid that!

Daily production: 200 g per person

Preparation time: about 24 hours

Required material: a digestive system

Ingredients :

FOOD : vegetables, fruits, animal or vegetable proteins, cereals, dairy products, fat and water

STERCOBILINE, a brown pigment contained in the bile

Other possible dyes:

RED: beets

GREEN : spinach

BLUE: blueberries

The preparation of the poo

STEP 1: Eat

A balanced diet is the key to success. Chew well and hydrate well.

STEP 2: Digest

The shape of the stool depends mainly on the time spent in the large intestine. They are classified according to their hardness and their shape with the Bristol scale. The consistency and color of the stools indicate how well the digestive system is functioning. Doctors use it to check the health of their patients or to assess the effectiveness of certain drugs.

STEP 3: Evict

For a perfect expulsion, it’s position that counts! The best ? The squatting position. As the rectum (the last segment of the digestive tract) is upright, the muscle that holds the stool relaxes and gravity helps the feces move down.

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Variants of poo

“HAZELNUT” VERSION Are your stools shaped like small balls? You are probably suffering from constipation. This means that you are surely lacking in water, fiber, fruits or vegetables.

“FLOATING ISLAND” VERSION If your stool does not flow, it is probably because it contains gas or too much fiber, or that you have eaten too much fat.

“PURE” VERSION It’s diarrhea. Maybe because of eating too much fat, stress or a germ.

Rotten EGG VERSION When bacteria break down food in your intestines, they release a lot of smelly substances. Some contain sulfur and therefore smell like rotten eggs!