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Cyril Lignac took advantage of confinement to establish himself as the biggest star in the M6 ​​group. Present on the air every day to help us cook better during confinement, he is currently back every Wednesday evening in The Best Pastry Chef. A sign that its popularity is as intact as ever (and that the concept is still appealing to viewers), the show got off to a good start to over 2.7 million viewers. An increase compared to the previous season which shows that citizens need lightness in this troubled period.

The French are back in the kitchen

If the pasta shelves were first robbed in stores as soon as the confinement was announced, over the days, the French have turned to cooking and have discovered certain talents. The proof, a few short weeks after the start of the containment measures put in place by the government, it was the flour that was hard to find. Breads, cakes and other pastries, the French decided to pass the time by preparing delicious dishes.

This is where M6 had the great idea to offer its new original program Tous en Cuisine. We followed Cyril Lignac, live from his kitchen, cooking a dish while teaching viewers to do the same. A fun way to learn how to cook balanced meals, with advice and tips from a renowned chef. We therefore have complete confidence in him, and this is why we intend to follow his recipe for perfectly successful pancakes this winter, shared by RTL.

How to make a pancake suzette?

The pancake leg recipe is not a recipe that, from the outset, seems complicated to us. However, there are various tips that will make your job easier and give you much smoother pancakes.

We start by mixing the flour and sugar. So far, nothing very complicated. The eggs are then broken into a small well of flour before mixing the preparation. The complication can arise here since the mixture with the bad habit of sticking to the whip (or the utensil you use for mixing, lack of whisk). Cyril Lignac has the solution: pour the milk directly bit by bit to prevent the mixture from sticking. It’s less tiring and the leg will only be better. Best of all, lumps will be a bad memory with this tip. This is probably what annoys the most apprentice cooks who will be delighted to know how to avoid them.

The first pancake is always a failure, even for Cyril!

When your dough is quite fluid, add the fragrance you want. Some will turn to orange blossom, others to rum or even honey or cinnamon. There is no ingredient that is better or smarter than another – it all depends on your preference. It is then high time to start cooking. We therefore put the crepe maker on the fire and it must be very hot before work begins. But rest assured: your first pancake will inevitably be unsuccessful, and it's Cyril himself who says it! The pan must indeed soak up the dough. So we quickly forget this first failure, we do not get discouraged, and we start!

Note that if you want to make a suzette pancake, you will need to make a suzette butter which is obtained by mixing butter, orange juice and icing sugar. Mix the preparation and when the pancakes are cooked, return them to the pan, adding a small dose of this light orange butter. The trick is to fold them to caramelize them well.

If your pancakes prefer are thin ones with crispy edges, you will need a good crepe maker and a tip given to you: you have to place the dough in the center with a ladle. Then tilt the pan so that the dough spreads and is very fine. And give the crepe time to cook well, above all!

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