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At the time of the World Eggs Meurette Championship at Clos Vougeot, you don't have to travel far to get your taste buds working, you just have to walk through the doors of Guide de Marloux. The wink of info-chalon.com with a recipe for 6 people at 20 euros.

The Guide de Marloux, managed by Corinne and Jean Lagareiro, is no longer to be presented, given the age of the places in the landscape of local gastronomy. So when Clos Vougeot takes a look at Oeufs en meurette (see the France 3 Bourgogne report), info-chalon.com gives the floor to Jean Lagareiro, the wine specialist.

The clients of the Guide de Marloux sometimes come from far and even from very far, and often to dip the piece of bread in the sauce concocted by Jean in his stove. This is such a point that eggs meurette have become, over the decades of practice, a real calling card for the Mellecey establishment, which has been in operation for 25 years now. A recipe learned during his training by Gilbert Coulon at La Réale in Chalon sur Saône.

The recipe to follow for 6 people and a maximum of twenty euros! Please allow at least 2 hours at the risk of having too much acidity!

Sauté 1 large onion and 2 chopped carrots, 200 g smoked bacon (and we insist on the smoke!) 200 g of meat trimmings, thyme, bay leaf, 10 peppercorns, 4 juniper berries, 4 cloves.

Once well colored, add 2 liters of full-bodied red wine (pinot noir) and 2 heads of chopped garlic.

Boil and flambé to remove the alcohol, then simmer for 2 hours

Meanwhile make a brown roux with 80g of flour and as much butter.

Blanch 200g of smoked bacon and color them

Brown 400g of button mushrooms

Brown 1 large chopped onion

Combine these three ingredients to make a Grand-Mère filling.

Poach the eggs in boiling water with vinegar for 3 minutes and cool them in ice water to stop cooking.

Remove the aromatic garnish from the wine and bind it with the roux.

Check the seasoning and add the chopped garlic if necessary.

Immerse your eggs in hot water for 1 minute and put them in a deep plate then pour your hot sauce mixed with the Grand-Mère filling.

Serve with croutons!

And bon appêtit … and then if you lack the desire … go through the door of the Guide de Marloux and ask for the boss!

Laurent Guillaumé

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